Q. Why don’t I get access to news?

A. NNB is an independent news agency. We only access our paid subscribers. Our subscribers are only the source of income. We do not accept any contribution or invitation.

Q. What are the membership levels available?

A. Following are the available membership levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Premium
  3. Premium Pro
  4. Platinum

To know more about the different membership benefits please visit the Membership level page.

Q. How to become a member of Nepal News Bank?

A. For general membership query or become a member of the Nepal News Bank, contact via nepalnewsbank@gmail.com or call: 01 5908562, 01-5908572.

Q. How many users get access to NNB at a time?

A. Single user/ username can be able to log in at a time.

Q. What is my NNB username?

A. Your username is your business email address provided/verified by us. If you want to change your email/username, please contact us via nepalnewsbank@gmail.com or call: 01 5908562, 01-5908572.

Q. How do I get notified about completion of the subscription process?

A. Once your subscription process is completed you will be notified through mail.  

Q. Which package allows access to all types of data?

A. Platinum level members are allowed to access everything available on the NNB website.

Q. I subscribed to the NNB package, but I am still not able to download the content.

A. If you subscribed through the website and verification is not done by NNB you are not able to download the content. In this case please contact our administrator.

Q. I forgot my username. How do I obtain it again?

A. Please email us at nepalnewsbank@gmail.com or call us at 5908562, 01-5908572 to get your username.

Q. Where can I find old stories?

A. You can access older stories by requesting. Please click here to request. 

Q. How can I send the press release to NNB?

A. If you have any article, news in any of the audio, video, photo, or text format the best way to send is via email nepalnewsbank@gmail.com or directly connect with the NNB office through the phone.

Q. How can I get a subscription?

A .Click here to get detailed descriptions of our services. Otherwise, you can contact through email nepalnewsbank@gmail.com.

Q. Where can I get the invoice for the subscription?

A. After subscription, invoices are sent to the registered email address or sent through the courier.

Q. What documents do we need to get a subscription?

A. You need to fill up a single sheet form which is available on our website. And following documents are required. 

    1. Copy of company registration VAT/PAN

    2. Copy of tax clearance certificate

Q. Can an individual person get a subscription?

A. Our content is designed for newspapers, magazines, TV, online news service providers, governments, political parties, associations and organizations. No news can be sold to any individual person.

Q. How can I contact the editor?

A. You can send your queries via email.

Q. Does NNB accept advertisements on its website?

A. Yes, but in a certain condition. You can contact our marketing department for more information.

Q. Is the content of NNB protected by copyright?

A. Yes. NNB reserves the right to take legal action. All of our resources, reports, videos, photos are under copyright. If used illegally, NNB will take legal action immediately.