Nepal News Bank is a private news agency aims to provide real- time information services reliable, accurate and fast content. we have teamed up of highly experienced journalists, trained videographers, cinematographers, and management professionals, working in media field for last decades or more, and Nepal News Bank is born, a first of a kind news dispatching company in Nepal.

Why we're unique:
In essence, our video stream experience looks and feels more like a TV production, which is what our collective cultures deserve. Our webcasting solution focuses on the spectator and is typically blended live by a creative specialist. 
Additionally, we primarily providing news distribution services to more than 150 networks inside the country, we assign our online support team to monitor each stream of our clients and to provide technical support to the users. However, because our main business is a fast content delivery, Nepal News Bank was not created to compete with local streaming service providers in any country. Our streaming website may be tailored to closely match your party's strategy and is quite secure.

The heavy visitor loads connected with all of your events are also something we can manage. Nepal News Bank is currently being used by a lot of regional streaming service providers in the Country to give video content to its customers round-the-clock.