Nepal News Bank, a private news agency, is the first of its kind in Nepal. This agency specializes in news dispatch services aimed at a fast content delivery of reliable, accurate, and real-time information. It collaborates with a team of highly experienced journalists, trained videographers and cinematographers, as well as with management professionals, who have been working in the field of media for more than a decade. 

Our claim to be a unique agency lies on the fact that our video streaming experience looks and feels, in essence, like a TV production. That, we believe, is what our collective culture deserves. Our webcasting solution prioritizes the viewer and is expertly blended live by our creative specialists.

 Additionally, as we primarily focus on providing news distribution services to more than 150 networks inside the country, we assign our online support team to monitor each of our clients' streaming activities and to provide technical support when needed. It is important to note that Nepal News Bank, precisely because its main focus is on fast content delivery, does not intend at competing with any of the local streaming service providers in the country. Moreover, our streaming website, which is quite secure, can be tailored to closely match third party strategies. 

Nepal News Bank is currently being used by a substantial number of regional streaming service providers nationwide to give round-the-clock video contents to its customers. The agency has, thus, proven capabilities in managing the heavy visitor traffic connected with the events created by its clients.